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  1. The Opportunities In The Wake Of The Free Trade Agreement With The EU
  2. The Guardia Civil ended the ‘Kalnevada’ operation with the confiscation of 3,029 marihuana plants cultivated inside the Nature Park, and the arrest of a British couple – a 49-year-old man and his 35-year-old wife.
  3. The Cantabria Provincial Court handed down the sentence which dates from November 2016 after his arrest at the ferry terminal in Santander.
  4. ‘Justice has demolished the organisation of the referendum’ – Police operation against the illegal consult in Cataluña.
  5. Saint’s Day for Mar, Alejandro, Mateo, Isasio, Pánfilo, Eusebio and Jonás.
  6. El País has a photo of a terrified couple as a massive earthquake affected Mexico City, 7.1 on the Richter scale
  7. Saint’s Day for Dionisio, Agapito, Felipa, Eustaquio, Prisco and Imelda.
  8. The sewage pipes were blocked inside a bank in Geneva and affected several nearby restaurants.
  9. Agents from the Guardia Civil searched a bar in Sant Jordi with a drug sniffing dog to find the drugs
  10. The British fireman suffered a confused incident after going to the bathroom. An unknown used his mobile to warn his friends who found him unconscious and seriously injured.
  11. ABC has a 500 € note crashing into Cataluña – ‘an independent Cataluña would not be able to pay pensions’
  12. Saint’s Day for Jenaro, Elías, Desiderio, and Santa María de Cervellón.
  13. The third known solar flare seen in history
  14. Want to try Europe for your next holiday? Then, can you afford to miss the breathtaking beaches, delicious cuisine, striking nightlife and lively carnivals? No!! Right? So, you must visit Spain without any doubt.
  15. El País leads ‘Sánchez supports Rajoy against ‘the drift into illegality’
  16. Saint’s Day for San José de Cupertino, Irene, Sofía, Metodio and Ricarda.
  17. El País leads ‘the separatists are joining together before the application of the law’
  18. Saint’s Day for Roberto Belarmino.
  19. El País leads Rajoy: ‘They are not going to take us where we don’t want to go’ – the Government has halted all the payments for basic services for the Generalitat.
  20. Saints Days: Cornelio, Eufemnia, Antequera, Cipriano and Rogelio

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