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Spanish news in English

The latest Spanish news.... in English!

The latest national and local news from Spain
  1. ‘Anna Gabriel has frustrated the attempts by Puigdemont by fleeing to Switzerland’
  2. Saint’s Day for Pedro, Damián, Félix and Severiano.
  3. ‘Europe has regained confidence in Spain with the choice of de Guindos’
  4. Saint’s Day for Silvano, León, Eleuterio and Nemesio.
  5. A £10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a murder suspect Bradley Blundell who may be using Ibiza as a place of safety. It comes as a teenager was cleared by a jury of killing a man outside a petrol station in Essex, England.
  6. Educators diagnosed some 2,000 children in Málaga are specially gifted
  7. Saint’s Day for Julián, Marcelo, Álvaro de Córdoba and Gabino.
  8. Saint’s Day for Simeón, Secundino and Eladio.
  9. Saint’s Day for Julián de Capadocia and Alejo de Falconeri.
  10. They purchased hashish from plantations in Morocco brought the drugs to Nerja where a 60 year old British woman sold the drugs on to other gangs in the UK.
  11. ‘Trump sidesteps debating weapons’ - 40 residents of the USA die from gun wounds every day
  12. Saint’s Day for Onésimo, Elías, Jeremías, Isaías, Julián and Samuel.
  13. So you have been thinking about exploring wonderful Spain, and have started to handle the first preparations for your trip.
  14. Day Against Infant Cancer
  15. Saint’s Day for Cratón, Faustino, Jovita, Severo and Quinidio.
  16. ‘Strasbourg has condemned Spain for the inhuman treatment by the Guardia Civil of two ETA terrorists’
  17. Saint’s Day for Valentín, Cirilio, Metodio, Juan Bautista, Zenón, Agatón and Antonio.
  18. ‘Sánchez has annulled local power to make PSOE his own’
  19. Saint’s Day for Benigno, Licinio, Esteban, and Gilberto.
  20. ‘The Catalan businessmen have called for an immediate Government’ - their associations warn of a great slowdown in investments.

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