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Spanish news in English

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The latest national and local news from Spain
  1. The Government has reacted to the fact that the increase in Social Security payments for the self-employed is outrageous,
  2. Saint’s Day for Ignacio de Antioquia, Víctor, Alejandro and Mamerta.
  3. ‘The self-employed will pay 422 € more a year to pay for the increase in the minimum wage’
  4. Saint’s Day for Eufemia, Rogelio, Cornelio and Cipriano
  5. ‘Opaque cards in black hole of 50 million € and 8,844 irregular contracts’ – in the Junta de Andalucía
  6. Saint’s Day for Teresa de Jesús and Tecla
  7. Saint’s Day for Calixto, Evaristo and Bernardo.
  8. Saint’s Day for Eduardo, Celedonia, Marcial, Teófilo, Venancio and Carpo.
  9. ‘Budgets for the recession, more spending and more taxes’ –
  10. Día de la Hispanidad and Saint’s Day for Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the patron saint of Zaragoza.
  11. The Mallorca flooding tragedy dominates the Spanish papers today
  12. Saint’s Day for Soledad, Nicasio, Germán and Plácido.
  13. The former president of the IMF and Bankia was sentenced to four and a half years in prison guilty of the crime of embezzlement, regarding the funds of the bank.
  14. Fatal flooding on Mallorca
  15. Saint’s Day for Tomás de Villanueva, Hugolino, Daniel, Ángel and Nicolás.
  16. Susana Díaz dominates the front pages by calling an early election in Andalucía
  17. Saint’s Day for Dionisio, Luis Beltrán, and also a regional holiday in Valencia for the Día de Valencia.
  18. The Madrid Provincial Court has absolved doctor Eduardo Vela by considering his crimes are out of date and for supposedly kidnapped and stole baby Inés Madrigal in 1969.
  19. The emergence of a new political party VOX
  20. Saint’s Day for Brígida, Demestrio, Nestor, Pedro and Artemón.