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  1. Municipal architect, Mariano Ayuso, is accused of leading a massive network of societies and backhanders to get rich by local town planning permissions
  2. ‘A Law is obliging the Balearic Govern to pay the rental for homeless people or grant them a house’
  3. Saint’s Day for Crisógono, Cresenciano, Fermina, Flora and Román.
  4. The Seprona environmental service of the Guardia Civil with the anti-venom environmental unit, are searching for the suspect who has committed the worst attack against wildlife for the past ten years
  5. They were beaten, threatened with a hammer and covered in petrol. The couple feared that they were going to be burnt alive.
  6. La Vanguardia – ‘Rajoy has called on the companies to return to Cataluña’ – to promote confidence.
  7. Saint’s Day for Clemente, Sisino and Lucrecia.
  8. USA has placed a first tariff on Spanish olive oil for disloyal competitiveness – Washington concluded after four months of investigation that the Spanish oil was being sold below the just market price. The tariff imposed ranges between 2.31% and 7.24%
  9. Simon Manley, British Ambassador to Spain, visited Alicante this week to speak at an event about the progress of Brexit negotiations and the future relationship between the UK and Spain.
  10. Former social security councillor in Teulada, Sylvia Tatnell was honoured by the British ambassador for encouraging expatriates to integrate.
  11. Alfonso Dastis, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation said the British would not want to be so humiliated given that they realise Brexit has been bad for business.
  12. Wave of criticisms over the conditions of the immigrants in a newly opened prison in Archidona.
  13. Saint’s Day for Cecilia, Ananías, Mauro, Marcos and Filemón.
  14. ACS has reached the financing of 15 billion € to buy Abertis – Hochtief , the German affiliate of ACS has ‘satisfactorily’ closed the loan for 15 billion € to allow the OPA launched on the concessionary Abertis.
  15. Interior ministry assures that he realised ‘labours of capturing using the internet and social networks’
  16. ‘Crisis in Germany for the lack of accord for governance’ – Merkel prefers another election rather than try and lead a minority Cabinet.
  17. Saint’s Day for Honorio, Rufo, Esteban and Celso.
  18. The giants of aviation Boeing and Airbus have called on London and Brussels to lengthen the transition time after Brexit, given both large organisations need to have contingency plans.
  19. In 2007 he is alleged to have run down a local policeman in La Línea
  20. The city and the surroundings in the province has a wealth of historical remains dated between 1 AD and 7AD

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Hi Andy and Sorelle, I would like to say thanks for all the help in buying my villa in Spain. You where both very helpful showing me a number of properties. As this was completely new buying in Spain you both helped me a lot throughout the whole transaction, and nothing was too much trouble. So thanks again. I am now now looking forward to many happy holidays in San Miguel!

May Chatfield
Friday, 10 February 2017

Client Reviews

Hi Andy & Sorelle, We have been shocked how quickly you managed to sell the property. We had been expecting it to take a year or more in the current climate. The photos you did of the apartment were brilliant and really showed the apartment off to its best, so much so - I nearly bought it myself - well done to Andy for them. You and Andy completing all the 'extra tasks' for the buyers, ( the list is endless ) I tend to think this was the main reason it was all done so successfully, smoothly and quickly. I know my solicitors were impressed. It certainly took the pressure off us. Great team work; fantastic personal service ... all with a happy ending.

Pamela and Alastair Horne
Friday, 23 June 2017