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  1. ‘We will support a plan against labour exploitation’
  2. June 24 – San Juan - Saints Days: Ciriaco, Natividad de San Bautista
  3. Saints Days: Agripina, Ethel and José Cafasso. El Inmaculado Corazón de la Virgen María.
    Bonfires of Saint John (Spain)
  4. The release of the so-called wolf gang leads many papers
  5. Saints Days: Paulino de Nola, Clemente, Tomás and Inocencio V
  6. The pulse between Cospedal and Santamaría obliges them to reveal their prospective ministers
  7. Saints Days: Martín, Raimundo, Marcia, Luis Gonzaga and Rodolfo
  8. Saints Day: Severiano, Víctor, Crisófono, Antonino, Cesáreo and Zotico.
  9. The leadership of the PP remains an open book
  10. Saints Days: Gervasio, Protasio, Bonifacio, Romualdo and Juliana
  11. Sundays and Mondays papers -
  12. Saints Days: Paula, Ciriaco, Leoncio, Marcos, Amancio and Germán
  13. Saints Day: Manuel, Jeremías and Ismael
    World day in the fight against desertification and drought.
  14. The Government has promised a more humane treatment of the migrants.
  15. Saints Day: María Micaela del Santísimo, Vito y Libia
  16. ‘The Culture minister has fallen for defrauding the Treasury’
  17. Saints Day: Anastasio, Valerio, Metodio, Eliseo and Félix
  18. ‘The Supreme Court has condemned Iñaki Urdangarin to 5 years 10 months’
  19. Saints Day: Fortunato, Luciano, Antonio de Padua and Perefrino