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  1. Saint’s Day for Nina, Fortunato, Valeriano, Maximino and Marcos.
  2. Saint’s Day for Nicasio, Justo, Arsenio, Isidoro and Juan de la Cruz.
  3. Saint’s Day for Lucía, Otilia, Eustracio, Eugenio and Orestes.
  4. Saint’s Day for Amonaria, Crescencio and Justino.
  5. Saint’s Day for Daniel, Dámaso, Sabino, Vitorico and Gerciano.
  6. Today's and Sunday's papers
  7. Saint’s Day for Olalla, Eulalia de Mérida, Julia and Melquíades.
  8. Saint’s Day for Leocadia, Julián, Sucesor and Sirio
  9. Saint’s Day for Eucario
  10. Saint’s Day for Ambrosio, Policarpo, Teodoro, Siervo and Eutiquiano.
  11. Saint’s Day for Emiliano and Nicolás de Bari.
  12. ‘The Andalucía dilemma for Albert Rivera’
  13. Saint’s Day for Dalmacio, Anastasio, Sabas and Crispina.
  14. ‘PP and Ciudadanos fight to preside the Andalusian Government’
  15. Saint’s Day for Bernardo, Juan Damasceno and Bárbara.
  16. ‘PSOE sinks in Andalucía and the far-right enter Spain’
  17. Saint’s Day for Francisco Javier – patron saint of Navarra - Agrícola, Ambico and Hilaria.
  18. Saint’s Day for Paulina, Aurelia and Lupo.
  19. Saint’s Day for Eloy, Próculo, Evasio, Rogato, Natalia and Lucio.
  20. Saint’s Day for Andrés, Castulo, Euprepes and Constancio.